[4K] Let It Go (Disney's Frozen) Vivaldi's Winter - The Piano Guys


Story behind the song:

So who doesn't love a story about an estranged ice princess, a dynamic mountain man/reindeer duo and a snowman obsessed with warm weather? We all loved the movie "Frozen" and its single, "Let It Go." So much emotion, energy and drama packed into one tune. But we thought we'd add a little more drama...by melting together "Let It Go" and themes from Vivaldi's classical piece, "Winter." Vivaldi's almost reckless string motives helped us surround the determined, upbeat melody and chords from "Let It Go" with intensity and uncertainty. We wanted the music to alternate between "freezing" and "thawing," representing the opposing forces throughout the "Frozen" story.

We were extra ambitious about capturing as much definition of the ice as possible so we decided to give 4K a try (a step up from 1080p HD) using the "RED" camera (same camera used in filming "The Hobbit"). So we called up our buddy Jacob Schwartz who rented us his awesome camera set up! It was challenging for Paul and Shaye to learn a whole new system and camera minutes before the shoot, but after awhile started getting the hang of it...:-) Editing the video on the other hand was a whole new process in processing that 4k footage. It took us 4 times as long to edit the video and fix glitches that kept happening working with such large files! After this experience, we might have to give 4k a try again, but not until we've mastered the art of it all which this video got us on the path at least.

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